We want you to get the most out of Beauty Beloved and so we've provided various mechanisms to help you navigate our site in different ways.

Navigating with the keyboard

If you find it difficult to use a mouse, you can navigate our site using your keyboard.

Keyboard control involves one item on the page having "focus". Focus can be moved between items and the focused item can be interacted with.

While some computers or accessibility devices may alter the following controls, we believe these will apply to most configurations.

Keys Action
Tab Move the "focus" to the next item on the page.
Shift + Tab Move the "focus" to the previous item on the page.
Enter Activate (click) the focused item.

The following actions require browser-specific "modifier" keys to be held down while a numeric key along the top of the keyboard is pressed.

For example, in Google Chrome browser, Windows, the modifier key is Alt. In Firefox, Windows, the keys are Alt + Shift.

For a list of modifier keys relevant to each browser, check this Wikipedia article.

Keys Action
1 Go to Home page
2 Focus the search input field
3 Go to the Brands menu
4 Go to the Categories menu
5 Go to the Help & Support page
6 Open your Shopping Cart
8 Switch to the Light (default) theme
9 Switch to the Tan theme
0 Switch to the Dark, high-contrast theme

Displaying the site with a different colour theme

If you find the default look of our site too hard to read, perhaps an alternative theme will help. We've two alternatives available right now;

Tan A theme with fewer harsh whites.
Dark A high-contrast "inverted" dark theme.

You can enable these themes using the buttons at the bottom right of any page or use the keyboard shortcuts described above.

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