At Beauty Beloved we love constructive feedback; we try to translate what we are being told into improving ourselves and how we deal with our customers. Recently, we’ve heard that some people can’t believe the price of our products and are unsure if we’re genuine!

Why are you selling your products so cheaply?

Since I started BB, my mission has been to “share the love”; I believe that beauty products should be accessible to all at a fair price! Anyone should be able to buy make up products regardless of their status or income level.

Whenever I can, I buy products in bulk or take advantage of supplier-only offers so that I can pass on my savings to you, my loyal customers! I only sell genuine products and heavy discounts are not always possible but here at BB we will always sell makeup for what I hope is a fair price.

They must be fake, no?

Absolutely not - we would not get very far if we sold fake or bad products! BB sells genuine, unaltered products from reputable brand names. We offer 100% of your money back if you’re not satisfied with a product, providing you return it to us in a condition as stated in our returns policy.

All sales on Beauty Beloved are handled by Paypal who also provide additional “Buyer Protection”; if needed, they can ensure you’re reimbursed if you’re not satisfied with your products from us.

So, can I trust you?

We’ve only a few reviews from Google and TrustPilot so far but Beauty Beloved have been selling on Amazon Prime for quite some time and we’ve achieved 100% positive feedback there from some very happy customers. We’ve also a modest following on Twitter and Instagram. We’re here to stay, to create a vibrant inclusive community for all lovers of cosmetics and beauty.

What are you doing now?

We’re still very much “filling out” our new website and every day are adding descriptive content and design aids in order to make your experience with it the best it can be.

We’ve some very interesting plans for the near future too; involving some research into (and development of) a range of makeup applicators to assist those that require just a bit of assistance when it comes to getting those pesky lids off or twisting a lip pencil.

We believe that everyone has the right to look and feel beautiful and are dedicated to doing everything we can to achieve this goal!

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