The truth can be cruel: almost no one keeps their New Year’s Resolutions. By February, about 80% of people will have given up totally on their goals. But that doesn’t have to be you! The truth is, most people fail with their resolutions for two reasons: they’re too ambitious, and they’re not specific enough. How many of your friends pledged they were going to ‘eat more healthily?’, or ‘work harder’, or ‘be more confident’? It would be great to suddenly love others like Mother Theresa, or love yourself like Kanye West. But these aren’t goals – they’re wishes.

The people who really nail their resolutions are the ones who make ‘micro-goals’ – smaller, more attainable goals which quickly build into habits and transform you in ways a generic wish never will. We’ve put together a list of five common wishes people have for their beauty 2019, and some ways to turn them into real, manageable plans.

1 – Be more adventurous!

We’d all like to feel a little more fierce, and be a little more out there with our beauty choices, but it can be hard to break past everyone’s expectations. Don’t wait around for your inner Sasha Fierce to erupt – make a plan. ‘Once a week, I will do something with my beauty regiment I haven’t done before’. It might be trying a more exotic palette, it might just be throwing on a clothing combination you’ve not tried before. We know you can manage at least that, and before long you won’t even have to think about it!

2 – Stop sleeping with your makeup on!

We get it. Sometimes, you don’t wanna get up and go through the whole routine. Sometimes you’ve got more fun things to do. But we all know it needs doing, and we all know how awful it feels waking up to blogged up, oily skin and panda-eyes! Try making a pledge to remove your makeup the minute you get in. It’ll give your skin time to breathe, and you won’t have to think about it for the rest of the evening!

3 – But Start Sleeping properly!

Nothing helps your beauty routine more than a good night’s sleep. But it’s not always easy to make yourself do it – you can be up all night worrying about it! Instead of overthinking your sleep, just make a plan. Try to have at least one hour of screen–free time before bed. Not only will you get to sleep quicker, but the quality of the sleep will be far greater. And the better your sleep, the better your skin, mood, and so much more!


We’re sorry, but come on! When you’ve got such fab brushes, you’ve got to take care of them! We know it can be hard, and we’ve all been guilty of it, but the whole beautifying process is so much more pleasurable when your tools are in tip top. Rather than making an abstract pledge, make a plan. ‘I will always wash my brushes when ___’, – you can fill in the blank! You could wash them when you’re watching a makeup tutorial, or make it part of your morning routine.

5 – And give yourself a break

Sometimes, balancing everything can feel impossible. Life has never been busier, and it seems like there’s always something you’ve got to do. But the greatest resolution of all this year is to take a moment ever day to remember that you’re doing okay! Nothing makes you more beautiful than loving yourself, and the thing with love is its work! Choose a time in your day, it doesn’t matter when, and make a plan to spend five minutes not demanding anything of yourself.

Well, at least, those are our resolutions for this year! Let us know on social media what your plans are, and more importantly, let us know how they’re going!!

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