One Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse 120ml

St Tropez

Product Details

St. Tropez Gradual Tan One Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse (120ml) is a unique 1 minute pre-shower tan which produces a subtle golden glow in less than half the time taken by St. Tropez’s Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion. Without the usual self tan aroma, this convenient mousse develops a streak-free, healthy-looking tan if left for only 1 minute before showering off. Gradually developing over 8 hours, the mousse can be left on the skin longer for a deeper glow and re-applied daily. Completely cruelty-free.


Step 1: Apply to dry skin in circular motions, using the light sheen to guide you. Step 2: Wait 1 minute. Step 3: Shower as normal. Step 4: Your natural, sunkissed glow will gradually develop over 8 hours. Step 5: Reapply daily or as desired to build your depth of tan.

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